Teaching in English I

Lorraine Mannion
Universität Potsdam
Till Heyer-Stuffer
10:00 - 17:00 Uhr
Lehren und Lernen (8 AE)
Min. Teilnehmer_innen
8 Pers.
Max. Teilnehmer_innen
16 Pers.
8 freie Plätze
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Workshop Beschreibung

The focus will be on essential presentations techniques, comfortably handling visual aids in the seminar room and strengthening the lexical tools required for giving lectures in English in an academic environment. The workshop is not intended to train participants pedagogical skills teaching, but to develop the ability to apply English to the teaching skills one already has. This workshop is primarily aimed at participants who have not had the chance to practice their English very much and have had little exposure to English since school.

Workshop Ziele

  • Comparison of UK and German educational systems
  • Vocabulary for university life
  • Basic grammar review and discussion of common mistakes
  • Presentations (structure, signposting, questions, introductions and conclusions)
  • The language of analysis and discussion (how to reason professionally and academically)
  • Evaluating and grading, critical response
  • Discussion of individual presentations including individual and/or group feedback


Profilbild Lorraine Mannion
Lorraine Mannion

beeidigte Dolmetscherin/Übersetzerin. Lehrt seit mehreren Jahren an Hochschulen, Instituten und Medienagenturen.