Introduction to Teaching in English (Part 1)

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Lorraine Mannion
Technische Hochschule Brandenburg
03.06.2019, 04.06.2019
10:00 - 17:00 Uhr
Lehren und Lernen (16 AE)
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Workshop Beschreibung

The focus will be on essential presentations techniques and strengthening the lexical tools required for giving lectures in English in an academic environment. The workshop is not intended to train participants' pedagogical skills teaching, but to develop the ability to apply English to the teaching skills one already has. This workshop is primarily aimed at participants who have not had the chance to practice their English very much and have had little exposure to English since school.

Target Group: Participants should have at least basic knowledge of English, but wish to expand their grammatical and spoken competencies in English in order to express their thoughts more fluently. Everybody will have the opportunity to present a short excerpt (5-7 mins) from a previous seminar or lecture, which will be held on the second day of the workshop, so participants.

To evaluate your level, please see:

If you have further questions about your level, please contact lecturer at

Important: As mentioned in the announcement, please take a short presentation from a lecture or seminar (in English, if possible) to the workshop.

Wichtig: Bitte bringen Sie, wie in der Ausschreibung angekündigt, eine für das Seminar vorbereitete Präsentation (wenn möglich in Englisch) auf einem USB-Stick mit.


Individual, pair and group work, plenary discussions, exercises, feedback, exchanging views and experiences, voice recordings on request

Workshop Ziele

  • To strengthen the participants' verbal skills so they will feel more confident managing challenging situations in the classroom.
  • To enhance the existing pedagogical skills of the participants so they will leave the workshop with a helpful toolbox for conducting effective and inspiring lectures/seminars.
  • To emphasise the importance of justifying the choice of instructional strategy to facilitate active learning in different contexts.
  • To provide guidance in evaluating and grading students' performance.


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Lorraine Mannion

beeidigte Dolmetscherin/Übersetzerin. Lehrt seit mehreren Jahren an Hochschulen, Instituten und Medienagenturen.